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About Us

About Us

Home.com provides real estate news and advice when you’re trying to buy a home, refinance, or accomplish other homeownership goals.

We are a small, passionate team with a blend of personal and professional mortgage experience. Tim Lucas, VP of Content at Home.com, spent 11 years working in the industry as a loan officer and loan processor. He then leveraged his real-world experience to help millions of homebuyers by running nationwide websites like TheMortgageReports.com and MyMortgageInsider.com. Along with a team of veteran mortgage journalists, Lucas is now turning Home.com into a must-read mortgage resource that explains the complex mortgage process in a way anyone can understand.

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Launched in 2021 by Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, Home.com seeks to answer all questions about homebuying and homeownership in today’s unprecedented housing market. Whether you’re buying your first home, taking out a reverse mortgage, or buying your third investment property, you won’t be going it alone.

Your homebuying journey begins at Home.com.

Editorial Standards

We strive to provide honest, transparent information about buying and owning a home. We don’t steer readers in one direction or another because it might benefit the parent company, Fairway. Rather, we provide the complete picture and let the reader decide what’s best for them.

How we make money

Home.com is proud to provide homebuying information free of advertisements, annoying pop-ups, and other hard-sell tactics. Some of our readers choose to connect with mortgage professionals at Fairway through our content, where they receive expert advice on a personal level. A percentage of those conversations turn into home loans and refinances, the proceeds of which pay for Home.com. The good news is that using this website does not cost you anything additional, even if you end up initiating your loan through it. Using this model, we are motivated to provide the most accurate, current, and user-friendly homebuying content on the web.