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About Us

About Us

Buying a home can feel overwhelming. We hope to provide answers that make you more confident in today’s unprecedented market. is owned by Fairway Independent Mortgage Company, a different kind of lender.

  • It provides service dogs, business grants, and even mortgage-free housing to wounded Veterans through the American Warrior Initiative
  • With Fairway Cares, it sends thousands of care packages and grants to people who have experienced loss
  • Fairway is privately held, not publicly traded on Wall Street. That allows it to give back and better help underserved people attain homeownership

When you use for your homebuying needs, you can feel good about where you’re sending your business. But don’t take our word for it. Watch these stories.

Shonn Herring, first-generation homebuyer

Divorced, single parent makes her kids’ dream come true

Tamy-Fee Meneide’s lease ended. So she bought a home

Editorial Standards

We strive to provide honest, transparent information about buying and owning a home. We don’t steer readers in one direction or another because it might benefit Fairway. Rather, we provide the complete picture and let the reader decide what’s best for them.

How we make money is proud to provide homebuying information free of advertisements, annoying pop-ups, and other hard-sell tactics. Some of our readers choose to connect with mortgage professionals at Fairway through our content, where they receive expert advice on a personal level. A percentage of those conversations turn into home loans and refinances, the proceeds of which pay for The good news is that using this website does not cost you anything additional, even if you end up initiating your loan through this site. Using this model, we are motivated to provide the most accurate, current, and user-friendly homebuying content.