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About Us

What we strive to do for you

Deciding to buy or refinance a house comes with a unique set of challenges, questions, and goals. At Homefinity, we understand that your home loan needs to be as unique as your home life.

Whether you want a fast and convenient process or in-depth guidance, you need someone who can help you move through the process at your pace. With decades of combined experience, our nationwide professionals will coach you through your home investment. From start to finish, we offer friendly, honest recommendations and tested, analytical knowledge to get you the best custom rates possible.

When you close with by Homefinity, celebrate owning the home you love, with a loan you can afford.

Who We Are

When you work with by Homefinity, you work with your own dedicated professional. Our loan officers have more than 15 years of industry experience on average and a strong nationwide presence.

What we value

Our core values represent the way we do business with you but they also show a deeper, more personal side of our team. Along with our quick responses, consistent communication, and analytical knowledge, we strive to bring honesty, humility, respect, and fun to our business.

Personally, our homes throughout the country are the places where our families thrive, so we know how important an affordable home is to you. With this respect and care, our values guide us in establishing a trustworthy relationship with you, based on creating an amazing experience. We work to foster growth and knowledge, while listening to your needs.

Ultimately this allows us to make balanced and real recommendations so that you can feel comfortable and confident about not only working with us, but also finding a loan that works for you.

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Humility first
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Foster growth and knowledge
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Have fun
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Create an amazing experience
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Speed to respond
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Seek wise counsel
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Respect, listen, and stay balanced
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Committed to serve
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Consistent honest communication
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Family focused

Let us help you

Reach out to us today and get started with your dedicated loan officer. Whether you’re purchasing a home or refinancing, we’ll discuss your needs and provide our best recommendations on the most affordable loan for your situation.