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How Much Does Your Salary Buy in Wisconsin?

How Much Does Your Salary Buy in Wisconsin?

Whether you’re buying in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay or anywhere in between, it’s likely that your salary can get you a lot of house in Wisconsin.

While home prices are skyrocketing around the country, prices here are still modest. For folks with a solid income, Wisconsin is kind of a buyer’s paradise. 

And buying now, while rates are low and homes affordable? That’s a home run. 

How much can I buy with my salary? 

Your exact purchasing power depends on your income, yes, but also a number of other factors. 

Your monthly debt payments (car payment, student loans, etc.) might affect your home purchasing power even more, in fact.

With this calculator, you can determine your buying power by entering your details, like income, monthly debts, and other factors.


Rent vs buy in Wisconsin

Even if you can afford a lot of home in Wisconsin, you might still wonder if buying is the right move.

Renting has its advantages. You are not locked into a specific location. You have a lot more flexibility in case of relocation.

But if you plan to be in your area for the foreseeable future, it’s worth seeing which is more cost-effective: renting or buying.

Plug your information into this rent vs. buy calculator to see which option “pencils out” better for you.

Slide into your home 

Wisconsin is a great place to buy, and you might be able to afford more than you think.

Just like Bernie Brewer slides into home plate after a home run, this is your opportunity to slide into home.