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Liz Brown Contributor

Liz Brown is a Real Estate Agent in Richmond, Va. The best part is, that isn’t all she does! She has a family that includes a husband, a lovely daughter, three dogs, a cat, and three chickens. She happens to love social media, especially TikTok and Instagram.

Since Liz was old enough to work, she has been selling something. She started as a carhop waitress and moved on to selling cars! Sales have always been in Liz’s blood, so Real Estate was an easy next step. Selling homes is something Liz loves and will always do. The entrepreneur spirit led Liz to social media, where she has grown a following and a number of platforms. She recently launched a course, Elevate your Business with Tiktok, where she takes people from not making Tiktoks to making TikToks in eight weeks! She is also the creator of the Elevate Organization with eXp Realty, which has agents from all over the United States and Europe.

Articles by Liz Brown

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